5 key trends for the 2021 corporate Christmas Party Season

As none of us have navigated coming out of a lockdown before, it is still tricky to make predictions about how companies may approach their traditional end of year celebrations and how this may impact booking patterns and demand for Christmas party venues in London.

However, venue finding experts at Venue Search London, who booked over £1.5m of Christmas parties into London venues in the 2019 season, are seeing some early booking patterns that may help identify activity for the all-important return to live events this December.

Testing, testing, testing

Use of Covid passports for domestic events remains uncertain, but it’s likely that these will be used for long-awaited trips overseas. It may be likely, therefore, that employers may require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result as they make transitions back into the office environment. So it wouldn’t be surprising if this policy was extended to off-site local events, too.

The end of the line for the buffet

The buffet has been an informal food offering staple for decades – but many of us probably won’t be too disappointed to see the end of the buffet queue. Current regulations and restrictions due to the perceived risks of cross-contamination are putting an end to this service style, with caterers instead working on other ways to deliver food in informal settings – we expect bento boxes, well-spaced canape trays and bowl food to be brought to the fore this Christmas.

More entertainment, but less dancing

For some bookers, the thought of a packed dancefloor remains a distant (and possibly risky) dream. Whilst many of us will have been to a packed bar, wedding, or nightclub by the end of the summer (and any fears may therefore have subsided), they do predict that some organisers may wish to ease back into their social event programmes with more after-dinner entertainment, maybe a comedy slot or other stage performance replacing the end-of-evening dancing. They also feel that this will allow a 10pm or 11pm finish, which may be popular with hosts and guests in this extraordinary year.

The return of the Christmas lunch

Keeping with the above trend, and with increasing awareness of the work/life balance and the growing company role and responsibility for wellbeing, they are seeing a resurgence of daytime events, which would both reduce alcohol intake and enable attendees to get home at a more reasonable hour. They anticipate that Fridays will be the favoured day for these events, many of which will include live comedy or other on-stage entertainment.

Mixing business with pleasure

For many companies, the Christmas event may be the first time the whole company is reunited in the same room for two years, and business leaders may well feel that combining a conference and/or internal awards with a lunch or dinner is a more suitable return to social events than the full-on party format. For evening events, this may lean towards a 3pm start, with the business element leading into a dinner, with a 10pm finish.

Whatever the chosen London Christmas party format, the booking patterns for 2021 end of year celebrations will be like no other.

Whilst some companies have already got events booked due to postponements from 2020, others are booking now to secure their preferred dates. Many decision-makers are awaiting greater confidence and clarity in the roadmap to recovery dates and restrictions before making a final call on their plans for this December.

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