Proper Ways to Clean Your Cello and Case

Aside from learning how to play the cello as a musical instrument, it is also important to know the proper ways to clean your cello and its case. Cleaning your cello and its case will help you preserve the quality of your musical instrument. You can also make sure that it is in great condition to use in practicing or performing. There are many ways for you to clean an instrument like a beginner cello but you have to know that you are not just cleaning it like how you clean regular things. There are proper ways that you can consider to help you clean your cello and its case. You can follow these ways to help you maintain the great quality of your instrument.

Proper ways to clean your cello and case

Invest in quality cleaning materials

One of the proper ways to clean your cello and its case is to invest in quality cleaning materials. Do not be regretful in spending an amount of money on your cleaning materials because, at the end of the day, it is your musical instrument that will benefit. If you will wisely spend your money and invest in quality cleaning materials, you can ensure that your cello will receive the cleaning that it deserves. Investing in quality cleaning materials will also help you to avoid spending more money on the maintenance of the cello. Your musical instrument will most likely stay in good shape when it is always clean.

Make it a habit to clean your instrument after use

Another way for you to properly maintain your cello is to make cleaning the instrument after every use a habit. By regularly cleaning your instrument every after use, you can create a habit that you will eventually do every single day. Once you are able to build a habit out of cleaning your musical instrument, you can make sure that your cello is always in good shape and is always ready to use.

Sanitize your instrument using alcohol and UV light

It is important for you to know that cleaning the cello will not only end in wiping the visible dirt in it. Even though you can clearly see in your eyes that the cello is clean, there are still some bacteria lingering all over it that you cannot see with your bare eyes. You have to sanitize your instrument using a small amount of alcohol and UV light to ensure that your cello is clean from the inside and out.

Vacuum your instrument case regularly

You might want to know that cleaning does not only end with the musical instrument itself. It is also important for you to clean the case of your cello. You can clean the case by using a vacuum. Always remember to vacuum your instrument case regularly to ensure its cleanliness.


Cleaning your musical instruments is a great way for you to become a great musician. There are many ways to clean your cello and its case, and if you want to ensure a quality cello, you’d never hesitate to follow them. You just have to be aware that the cleanliness of your cello greatly affects the quality of the sound that it produces and your performance as well.

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