Life offers us many opportunities to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, wedding showers/baby showers, accomplishments, even overdue get togethers. Of course, as a host, you want these gatherings to be anything but boring. You want the adults to have a good time and enjoy, and the kids to be entertained and have fun! But how do you do that? Regardless of the season, the answer simple. Renting a bounce house will ensure everyone has fun and your gathering will be one that will be remembered.

Bounce houses are a great amount of fun and are not limited to just children. There are several different types of bounce houses to choose from that can cater to adults, too! However, before you begin researching which bounce house to buy, I challenge you to consider renting your bounce house! By doing so, you’ll save yourself priceless time, effort, and money. Let’s take a look at why:

1) Bounce House Storage Is Difficult

If you choose to buy a bounce house, you must ensure you have enough space to properly store it. This space should not allow elements, such as sunlight or water, to damage it. Bounce Houses can take up a fair amount of room, especially if you are storing with it the necessary accessories, such as extension cords, power sources, and any stakes to secure the bounce house to the ground.

2) Bounce House Maintenance Is Timely

If you own a bounce house, there is a fair amount of maintenance that goes into it. They should be cleaned and dried after each use. Even after a single use there is risk for seams to come undone or holes that tore in the bounce house. Some of those repairs cannot be easily patched at home, and shipping the bounce house to be repaired professionally might be the only option – which can be costly and timely.

3) You Lack Bounce House Variety
One of the biggest downsides to owning a bounce house instead of renting it, is you miss out on variety. Party rentals provide so many different sizes, colors, and themes of inflatable attractions that the fun simply never stops! After some time of owning the same bounce house, you risk becoming bored and wanting something new and exciting.

Luckily, there are some great party rental businesses out there to help. By renting through a trusted business, such as Jumper Man Party Rentals, you can be assured they will take care of these concerns. Renting ensures that once you are finished using your bounce house, you will not need to worry about cleaning and storing it. You also will not need to take the extra time to tend the proper maintenance required for your bounce house. And whenever you are ready to host another event, you can browse through the large selection of inflatable fun offered by rental companies! Maybe you didn’t have a slide last time but want one this time, or maybe you want an inflatable rock wall! There is no need to limit yourself, whether it be time, effort, or your bounce house options!

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